Dance project

1. Determine how much money you will need in order to attend the 7th grade dance.

In order to attend the dance you will need $74.86 total, unless you pay to get in the door which is $78.75.

The dress it self is $41.96

The dinner was $22.90

All that would be left is the ticket, I would pay the $10.00

2. If your parents lend you $75.00, is that enough money to cover your costs? Why or why not?

yes in an advance when paying for the $10.00. no if its right when your at the door witch would be $15.00

3. What is the percent of change in the price of dance tickets from buying them in advance to buying them at the door?

the advanced the percent of change would be 33.33%

4. Your parents have decided you will have to pay them the $75.00 back with an additional interest rate of 5%. How much money will you owe your parents, including interest?

the total of how much money you owe your parents including interest would be $78.75

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