Rachel lyman Fields

: Miltalyhia Leonard

:Rachel Fields was born in New York and Attended Radcliffe College. Fields spent Summer's in Cranberry isles, Maine and a Number of her books are set in Maine. her books for young Adults, including the New Berry Medal winner .

:Fields was also a noted Lyricist and Play writer, penning the English lyrics for Franz Schubert's Ave Maria included in the Disney Film Fantasia. her plays include Cinderella Married, A comedy in one act (1924), the Bad penny : A Drama in one Act (1931).

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Rachel Fields died in the good Samaritan Hospital, beverly hills on the 15th of march in 1942 of pneumonia following a major operation . her book and now Tomorrow was being Serialised monthly at a time, prior to the publication of the full novel later that year.

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