journal entry #3

isolation affected Edo Japan Because they isolated  themselves by not trading with  other countries so then their money situation  was bad.and because they dint trade with other countries so they didn't have may goods.they also didn't have rice.since they weren't trading so they had to use what they had in their country.and if they didn't trade merchants wouldn't have a job.

well politics would be affected  because they would be under pressure so maybe they would make the wrong dissension. so since they don't have lots of money so if something goes wrong they don't have the money to fix it.if people started to get worried they would have to tell them what's happening.if you are isolated so you can get any in-tell to know if someone is going to attack you.maybe if the job was to much be case people were getting out of hand the empire would step down

merchant would loss money so they would go down in the social structure. if they get low enough they will into the peasants class.the samurai would maybe get worried and then he would do some crazy things and get kicked down. they if the peasants would rebel they could get put to the outcast the social structure if the merchants weren't making any money they would try and trade still and if people catch them doing that they would probable get kicked to the outcast.