Part of Speech: Noun

Something considered to have sacred significance

Root: sacer "sacred"

The idol Maria's mother left her was a true sacrament as it led Maria back to her birth mother.


Part of Speech: Noun

A sacred place; Any place of refuge

Root: sanctus "holy"

After being shunned by the public, the hunchback of Notre Dame took sanctuary in the bell towers of the church.


Part of Speech: Adjective

Written with pictures to represent sounds or meanings of words; Hard to read

Root: hieros "holy"; "sacred"; "supernatural"

As archaeologists searched through the murderous deserts, hieroglyphics were uncovered confirming the presence of the tribal group in past centuries


Part of Speech: Noun

A meager portion of anything, especially an allowance or salary

Root: pio, piare, piavi, piatum "to appease"; "to purify (with sacred rituals)

Untouchables work for a pittance that can barely keep them afloat.

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