Fairytale was founded in 1842 by Grimm & Walt on a journey around the world. Grimm & Walt traveled back to France & in 1843 a settlement was formed. In 1859 Grimm died & Walt died in 1866.


Fey (Fairytale people)

60% of Fey believe in Fairy godmothers, 30% are Christian, & 10% other.

The Fey believe in Fairy godmothers because they are believed to show them the path they need to take. Fairy godmothers are believed to lead the way when you cant see the path.


     Foods in Fairytale are what we consider "fancy foods". Fairytale is a island under the L in Atlantic and is very diverse in food. Due to its location there is a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. A traditional meal has four courses, the first is bread or fruits. The second  is soups or salads, the third is steak and vegetables, & the fourth is dessert which is normally ice cream and pie.


Fey normally live in cottages, mansions or castles depending to how wealthy they are. Families are the same as they are here and city's are pretty small. Each city has around 3,000 people, but the small villages have around 1,000 people. The architecture dates back to the 1850s and 1700s some things left by the tribe that once lived there.

Creative Expression

Fairytales favorite sports is soccer and baseball/softball. There is also a sport only played on Fairytale called flying carpet, there are two teams and you have to find the other teams flag before the cave closes. This is where Aladdin's carpet came from (He stole it;). One other known sport is witch hunting and its called Hansel and Gretal.

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