Jim Carrey

His story of perseverance...

Jim at the Red Carpet

Perseverance-to persist in anything undertaken despite hurdles, roadblocks, and or discouragement.

On January, 17th. 1962 in Newmarket Ontario Canada a boy was born by the name of James Eugene Carrey. You my know him as Jim Carrey from television. Believe it or not, this man was once not famous and was not getting paid the amount he does now. Jim had to persevere through a lot of things to get to where he is today which is what I am going to talk to you about.

Childhood-Jim was born to Kathleen (a homemaker) and Percy (an accountant/musician) into a family of six. He has two sisters and a brother by the names of Rita, Patricia, and John. During his life as a kid, his family was very poor.

His father was a regular musician with a regular job to support his children. When he lost his job, that was when everything fell apart. The Carreys went from being lower-middle class to poor. Because of this, the family of six moved into and were living out of a van. This classified the family as homeless.


At the age of 15, Jim quit school to help support his family. To do this, he became a janitor. He would keep a baseball bat in his cart because he would often feel like he needed to beat the "heck" out of something as said in an interview. After his family moved to Scarborough Ontario, he attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School in New York. For two years enrolled into Agincourt Collegiate Institute. For another year, Jim briefly attended Northview Heights Secondary School. Despite his efforts and wishes, he never did finish high school because he was too busy working full time to help his family survive. As well as he did support his mother who suffered from severe, chronic illness.  

Religion and Nationality- Jim's mother was born with French, Irish, and Scottish descent. Jim's father was born with French Canadian ancestry. Jim was raised a Roman Catholic and through all of his hard times he continued to tell himself that God loved him and God would help him through all of this.

In The End- Through the hardships of no money, no education, Jim was able to become one of the most famous Canadian Actors to ever be seen on television. He is now an actor, comedian, and producer in film-making. He has been in the business since 1979 and received four golden globe awards.He has been married and divorced twice and currently has a daughter from his first marriage. Her name is Jane Erin and she has already had a boy of her own, making Jim a grandpa. Jim is currently still making films and acting. Some of his most famous works include;The Mask, the Ace Ventura movies, Yes Man, Liar Liar, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I love you Phillip Morris, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In all, Jim Carrey has been seen on media or in television over 67 times.  

This is the Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic School Jim attended

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