Infant Brain

By: Hanna Stockdale

this is the cerebellum. It is used for balance and coordnation for an infant. It can be used to balance for walking.

this is the Cerebellum. It is used to help with balance and coordnate their muscles. It can help get them balanced for walking

this is the pariental lobes.  It controls taste, touch, the ability to recognize objects, hand-eye coordination, and some visual recognition. This would help with seeing. When they look at a person it will help with this part of the brain.

This is the Occipital Lobes. It controls vision and visual recognition. So when you walk in their room while they are crying they culd hear yor voice and recognize its you and stop crying.

This is the brain stem. It controls all inborn reflexes, such as crying, startling, and suckling, and regulates basic life functions such as breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, and REM sleep.

this is the Temporal Lobes. It controls hearing, smell, and language comprehension. So when your baby hears someone from another country

3 tips for new parents!

3 tips for new parents to promote brain development are                                                             1) Get a mobile with contrasting color and designs they can see.                                                 2) talk to your baby while doing stuff with them.                                                                           3) watch dora hearing another language will help them

Video over brain development

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