T.J's first blog

Hello there internet world. I am now starting this blog post because there are a lot of untrue rumors out there about me, spread by someone that will not be named.....Okay just kidding his name is john Adams. He's very stupid and rude and talks about me a lot so i think i have a right to say these things. He thinks he's so special because he was the "first vice president". Jokes on him though, the vice president isn't even all that popular.

Anyway, I was born in April, that's the best month by the way, on the 13th day in 1743. I am originally from Albemarle County, Virginia. I inherited a large estate from my dad after he died, i bet Adams didn't inherit anything. Once i turned 26, I started building my amazing, elegant home, mainly to rub it in John's face.

Even though John was the first Vice president, i wrote the declaration of independence so i think i have way more cool points. That seems about it. Goodbye internet world. I'll be back if John starts more rumors though.

Looking better than John Adams.
looking Swagalicious
Best Painting Ever.

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