Cyber Security

By Brandon Vu

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the protection of electronic devices and programs connected to cyber space from viruses, malicious foreign bodies and users. Cyber security also pertains to the protection of personal information distribution as regulated by the security system. While companies, hospitals, governments, private enterprises, corporations and military utilize cyber security to shield their information, cyber security is available to every networked device that has access to the cyber mosh pit.   

What do the professionals do?

The professionals of cyber security protect users through the development of firewalls, network fail-safes and programs to manage information fraud and system meltdowns. The professionals create systems to house certain pieces of information and develop programs specified towards the protection of certain areas of information

Suited or Not?

Through my experience in computer science I cannot say for certain as to whether or not I would pursue a profession in cyber security. I find that I lack the patience and creativity to program effectively however I do possess the determination and stubbornness to see a project through. The list of traits that could characterize an individual as being "right for cyber security" may not apply to all, but does house some eminence in that cyber security is a profession that demands character. An individual cannot simply enter the profession without at least some of the traits, and the possession of all traits may definitely lead to the production of a new cyber security professional. At this time I have not been able to delve into the computer science world enough to understand how it functions. Because of this I cannot convincingly tell as to whether or not I am "right" or even interested in cyber security. Only time will tell.

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