Chemical  Bonds

Chemical bond- mutual electrical attraction between the nuclei and valence electrons of different atoms that bunds the atoms together

Ionic bonding- chemical bonding that results in the attraction between cations and anions.


1-) dissolves (in water)

2-) high melting point

3-) conducts only as a liquid (not a solid)

Covalent bonding- results from the sharing of electron pairs between two at

Nonpolar covalent bond- when the bonding electrons are shared equally by the bonded atoms resulting in a balanced distribution of electrical charge.

Polar covalent bond- when the bonded atoms have an unequal attraction for the shared electrons


1-)usually dissolves (in water)

2-)low melting point

3-) never conducts

Metallic bonding- chemical bonding that results from the attraction between metal atoms and the surrounding sea of electrons


1-) shiny

2-)high melting point

3-) always conducts

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