New Year, New... GP?

Six things I cordially invite you to make sure I do before 2014.

Ever the fan of accountability, I've admitted the only way I stick to resolutions is making them public. I mean look at running: new year's resolution 2007! What about that year I responded to all bad jokes with a pronounced waka-waka-waka? And we all know nothing keeps these grubby fingers out of the cookie jar like a sharp hand-slap from a supportive friend protecting me from my own sweet tooth. So, please check with me (often) to see how I'm doing on these top six promises I've made to myself. Perhaps next year, I'll be less self-absorbed.

Resolutions for 2013

1. Be happier.
No secret this is on my daily to-do — as well it should be! My ranking on the happiness power scale dipped a few years ago, but I've been on the dedicated train to winning it back. Next time you see me, see how my smile wrinkles are looking.

2. Act like an athlete again.
Dude, that whole leg-breaking incident was a major setback! Two-point-five years later and I'm still not really back in the groove. And then a fierce bike accident in October dorked up my shoulder bad. But this year I intend to run the CLE half, PR at the Columbus full and generally target the half Rev3 in September. Ryan's dad, Dennis, gave me a training journal for Christmas, and it's already in use!

3. Lose 20 pounds.
Some semblance of my old self would be nice. Life changes, job changes take a plumpy toll! Sure, it's on everyone's to-do list, but this one's for serious. I'm taking back my a routine this year and marrying it. For better or worse, and all that.

4. Sell my house.
OK, this one's going to take some divine intervention just to get it on the market. But — hey! — fingers crossed.

5. Call my parents more.
I don't need to remind anyone I'm not much of a phone-talker. But exceptions need to be made for the people responsible for my being alive. Plain and simple.

6. Make you crepes.
My housewarming gift to myself was a crepe-maker. And — what can I say? — mine are awesome sauce. This year I'd like to have themed crepe parties and brunches at least every other month to show everyone how much I love them. OK, I also love the excuse to make/eat crepes. Often. See resolutions one and three.

It's not easy.

It's super easy to make resolutions (even easier to Tackk about it!). But here's why it's not a piece of delicious cassata cake slathered in a lightly whipped butter cream, custard and strawberries to keep them and a little bit about how to try.