The Zhou Dynasty

what really happend

What the Zhou Dynasty was about

The Zhou dynasty started off, when the rule of the Shang dynasty started to go down when the king lowered the power of the aristocrats and separated the rich from the poor the Shang kings began to live in luxury and started to treat people cruelly, And thats were the Zhou dynasty came in. They told all the people that god gave them the Mandate Of Heaven. Heaven would send signs of its displeasure, such as earthquakes and floods. The Zhou Dynasty ruled for more than 8OO years.Zhou people also learned to use iron, which was cheaper and stronger than bronze. Iron weapons, the catapult and China’s first cavalry (military on horseback) were some of the Zhou achievements that helped strengthen the army.During the Zhou dynasty, the Chinese developed irrigation and flood- control systems. As a result, farmers could grow more crops than ever before.The Zhou also introduced coins to China and began the use of chopsticks. and thats why chinese restaurants now have chopsticks.

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