Words can hurt

There is a lot of ways to raise social awareness when it comes to Cyberbullying in the society. Indeed, cyberbullying is an issue that is really important nowadays, since people are always on their computer or on their multiple mobile devices, especially teenagers. What’s the greatest way to attract this group age? The answer to that question is simple. The greatest way to raise awareness from teens is by making an « emotional movie of online safety for teens».

The movie Cyberbully released in 2011 starring Emily Osment and directed by Charles Binamé. This movie is inspired by the sad story of Meghan Meier, a teenager that was bullied by her neighbour that was using a fake identity. At first she used that account to seduce Meghan, but then she started to insult her and that conducted to Meghan’s suicide. This movie uses that story, because many bullies use a fake account to intimidate their victim.

In that movie, Emily Osment, the main character, the victim of cyberbullying, makes the story really emotional and striking. She succeed on that role, in a way that we understand that cyberbullying is unacceptable and that no one deserves the pain and the suffering the victims goes through, just by her acting. This is one of the reasons the movie is so powerful. Another reason is the music played during the movie. The songs of Sia, Breath me, played at the end make the movie intense and heart-wrecking. At that point of the movie, I was on the edge of my seat.

It is obvious to me the reason why the movie won that much prices such as Best TV Movie or Miniseries and Best TV Movie Performance, also Emily Osment won a Canadian award for her breath taking performance.

If you want to make Cyberbullying stop, you can by watching this movie. You can make a difference.

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