Interplanetary Space


Alien name: Daegata

Age on Earth: 25.1 years old

Age on Europa (Jupiter's orbital time): 2.12 years old

Weight on Earth: 80 lbs.

Weight on Europa: 10.68

Planet/moon of origin: Europa of Jupiter's system/terrestrial/ice

basic facts

I live on the moon orbiting Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun.

Jupiter has 64 moons, I live on one of the four biggest. All of the other moons orbit slowly and are mostly icy.

Yes, we do have an atmosphere. It is made of pure oxygen! The hydrogen molecules hit the cold surface and create water vapor.

Our weather is very stormy. The most famous is the "Great Red Spot". The storms almost never end. Therefore it is very windy

Temperatures range from -260 degrees Fahrenheit to -370 degrees. Those are at our ice caps and equators.

A day in the life

We revolve around the Sun every 11.8 Earth years at the speed of 29,236 miles per hour.

A full day or rotation for us is only 10 hours.

A day is ten hours and a year is 4,307 days or 11.8 Earth

Jupiter is 11 times the size of the earth, so 43,441 kilometers in diameter

interesting facts

     Did you know that Europa is the sixth moon in distance from the planet Jupiter and the fourth largest. It is also possibly able to support aquatic life.  Europa's diameter is 1,940 miles (3,122 kilometers), which is slightly smaller than Earth's moon. Under the icy surface there is possibly twice as much liquid water on Europa as there is on Earth. The moon was discovered in January 1610 by the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei.


My alien is a carnivore, he eats other small minks and other small furry creatures. He has no natural predators. his face has severe frostbite from being outside fro most of his life. his fur is thick and icy shielding him from debris and strong winds. His blood is Ethanol to prevent it from freezing. The four eyes are used to capture light reflected of the ice, therefore he has near perfect vision. His clothing were obtained during an interstellar trade ceremony. blue eyes reflecting ice and through natural mutation.

Note From Daegata; I've always been afraid to visit Earth due to an unlucky run in with A few Enterprise members, apparently some of my tribbles got attached to the ship.

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