Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society

When looking at this documentary Called Super-size Me I have realized that obesity is a scary disease and it is getting more popular. In America there are lot of obesity people and it is getting worse in America and people are not listening. Many People in America die from obesity from eating junk food every day or 3 days or week, Americans should be careful in what they eat and know when to stop. People there should be eating nutrition food and drink water more than soft drinks. The documentary Super-Size showed that one person who ate Junk food for one month gain weight and made him sick. This Documentary is helping people understand that eating McDonald daily can ruined your life and make you very sick. People are unaware that people are getting obesity and unaware that what they are eating is not good for you and that it should stop before you will regret it. So my advice is stay away from unhealthy and eat healthy food, drink plenty of water and go to your doctor for check-up.

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