Think Like a Forensic Scientist

Ms. Merlino/Seventh Grade

Assignment Details

Your final report of the QR Code Crime scene is submitted through Google Classroom. You will be instructed on when to turn in the assignment. For now, read on!

CSI Investigations

You are part of the CSI team of investigators at Assumption Regional Catholic School. Before you can begin to work on investigations you will be required to complete Rookie Training.

Once you have done that, your first case is right out of a book. The case is from The Adventures of Huck Finn. On this case, you will go out "into the field" to a crime scene with your iPad to collect the evidence. Huck, the main character from the book, has staged a crime scene to make it look like he was murdered. You will decide if he has succeeded. The scene takes place at a cabin, a lake, and a trail. Good luck on your first job!

Back in the CSI Office, (computer lab) you will examine the six pieces of evidence, draw a diagram of the crime scene, formulate a theory based on the evidence left by Huck, and complete your final report. Your send it off to your CSI Superior, Ms. Merlino, who will decide if you are ready for Case 2.

For all of your own CSI adventures you will learn:

1.  How forensic science is used in criminal investigations.

2. Apply the principles of forensic science to a hypothetical crime.

3. Use the scientific process to solve a fictional crime.

Ready to begin?