Exploration Proposal

By: Shriya Chemudupati, Germany, 1541

Going to the New World

   My name is Shriya Chemudupati, and I need to go to the New World because we too need to gain as much land as possible. I am from the country of Germany, but since Spain is a larger country with more power I will be asking Sir Charles I to fund my expedition. If we don’t send anyone, our empire will fall. We need to be strong, and if England and France explore even more West, they will take all of our land. We will be soon cut out of having the largest empire if we don’t go to the New World, but if you send me we won’t.

Sir Charles I sitting in his majestic chair near his window.


           The thing I am looking to bring Christianity to the New World. Many things I have heard that spark my interest is that in the southwestern area of the New World that there is copper, coal, and maybe some gold in those mining areas I have heard that are near the coast. There I will establish many settlements, and find another route from Spain to this side that is faster. I have also heard that all the things you find there are more natural, and more expensive compared to where England and France are. What I will be bringing back is a big bag full of coal and copper, and a huge gold block. All the other explorers around me are also searching for metal things too, but if I go to the southwestern side.

Coal in the New World.

Allies and Opponents

                I will not have anyone there to fight except those Natives, but since they are very useful I will act as their ally. The only people who are really our opponents are France and England who are all the way on the other side of the New World. They are grabbing as much land as possible, and creating many colonies too. What we need to do is to really be smart, and take over all of the southwestern side and maybe the southern side too if they don’t reach their. We are in the middle of a battle to gain as much of the New World as possible, so we need to make very smart moves in this.


      If you give me your endorsements, I will bring back metals and items with a large value. Then we will have a great amount of land, and a great amount of wealth. We would have spread Christianity all over the New World. Also, we will have a great deal of pride for going on this expensive voyage. We will be known for having the most money, and the greatest empire.

Time for the Voyage



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