Google Searching Tips

By: Ethan Hunt

1.  Defining words and phrases on Google

To define words and phrases on Google, simply type "define" or "definition of" and include whatever words or phrases you need to know.

2.  Math on Google

To do math on Google, simply type in the operation, such as 8*8 or 6/7, and it will calculate it for you, but only simple math. It's not a graphic calculator.

3.  Sports on Google

To find sports stats on Google, simply search the name of your team and it will come up with game scores and other stats of your team.

4.  Unit conversions on Google

To do unit conversions on Google, simply type "3 dollars in euros" or whatever other unit you want to convert another unit to.

5.  Weather on Google

To find the weather on Google, simply type "weather" or "weather in" or "weather for" and you will get your desired results for whatever place you want.

Defining words or phrases on Google
Math on Google
Sports on Google
Unit conversions on Google
Weather on Google

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