Top Ten Internet Safety Rules

1. Block inappropriate sits that your not a loud to see

2. Do not give you personal info to anyone

3. Do not give out your password to any expert you mom, dad, or pet

4. never agree to meet some one on the internet with out your parents knowing.

5. never revel you full name, where you go to school, where you live or what your phone number.

6.Never trade or post personal photographs  in the mail or over the internet.

7.Never accept any invitation to go to a private chat room.

8. don't buy anything online without talking to your parents first. some ads may trick you in buying things.

9.when creating your screen name, do not include your personal information.

10. tell your parents if a site is making you feel uncomfortable.

these internet safety ruls apply to everone in all ages. also these rules are very important to fallow because if you don't fallow them you can be in danger but if you do fallow them you are being responsible and being approved on line. Alos when you fallow these rules you can prevent verses from getting on your computer.  If you get in to any trouble you are not fallowing at least one of these rules and you will get a consequence for your pour actions not fallowing these very important rules.

this site can tell us how to keep are children and others safe on the internet.

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