Education and Training

              Adult Education Teacher

3 Facts

Social- Have to be able to work around people and be a "Helper".  Have to know how to work out a problem and help the person with the problem.

Artistic- Are the "creator" and have to like books, art, music,and easily to express feelings. And won't like the rigid rules and structure. Able to understand.

Skills- Need to have certain skills at Reading comprehension, Activelistening, Writing, Speaking, Mathematics, Critical Thinking, Active Learning, Learning   Strategies, and  Monitoring


1).Enforces discipline and attendance rules - to be able to give punishments and keep count of who's here and gone

2). Counsels and provides guidance to students regarding personal, academic, vocational, or behavioral issues.-- Still provide a path for that student even if student not on top.

3). Confers with parents and staff to discuss educational activities, policies, and student behavioral or learning problems.- Talk to the Guardians and be able to explain the child performance

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Teaches basic skills such as color, shape, number and letter recognition, personal hygiene, and social skills.-- teacher must have a good social to kids skill, be able to know the differ. types of colors and kind of shapes and be able to help kids learn numbers too.
  • Observes and evaluates children's performance, behavior, social development, and physical health.
  • Demonstrates activities to children.