Niman Ranch Beef - Animal Welfare

Niman Ranch Beef has poured effort and resources into establishing the best treatment practices for animals in our farms and ranches throughout the country. Our network of farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest raise their livestock in adherence with some of the strictest standards in the agricultural industry. Niman Ranch holds its ranchers to such a high standard because we as a company believe that the humane treatment of livestock leads to better products and happier customers.

Niman Ranch Beef uses a three-step system to make sure that all of the ranches within the Niman network of over 700 total farms and ranches handle their livestock properly. The first step begins before a ranch is accepted in to the Niman Ranch network. All ranches must be inspected to ensure that they have adequate facilities and space for the livestock to be raised entirely outside. After this inspection is the second step: ongoing inspections by field agents stationed throughout the country to ensure that the ranch continues to live up to its standards. The third step Niman Ranch Beef also requires its affiliates to sign stringent affidavits agreeing to follow all of Niman Ranch’s evolving protocols all designed to constantly improve the living conditions of livestock throughout our network.

Niman Ranch Beef puts its members through these steps to ensure that the most effective animal treatment protocols in the industry are being followed exactly. This is how we can guarantee that all of our products are safe and healthy to all of our consumers across the country. We strike a balance between good business sense environmental concerns, and animal treatment concerns.

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