By : Bethany Wiggins

Imagine going to sleep but waking up in a completely unfamiliar world, looking around in confusion. Everything you once knew is now disgusting, broken, and faded. What happened? Knowing you went to sleep at age thirteen on a clean bed. Looking in the mirror, only to see what you think to be your college-age sister Lissa. But when you turn around, to see that no one is there you realize that the girl you just previously saw was your reflection. A tattoo marking the back of your hand, not knowing why you have it but covering it and going out into the abstract world in which you must try to survive as the most wanted person who walks the ground.

Bowen of the militia, seems to just be another part of the militia in the first part of the book but as soon as Fiona recognized him the story took a turn for the better. Bowen protected Fiona throughout the whole story, he kept her out of the lab and off the streets until she was taken into the black market to fight to death, but even then Bowen came through to save the day. Without Bowen Fiona could not of survived in the world she was faced against.

The governor, or the protagonist, had many set backs throughout the story. Throughout the whole story the governor knew that there was a cure for the disease that struck numerous people across the town including Fiona. He was not caught until the very end after Bowen came to call him out in the pits after Friona nearly escaped death.

"I will not die without fighting for a life I am not done living yet" -Fiona

The theme of this book was sort of a motive sending the message not to give up no matter how many obstacles you face, and that some who you thought were helping you can turn on you at any time (Arrin) and those who you don't expect could truly help you and stick by your side in the long run (Bowen).

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to read a ultimate page turner that is intense and filled with mystery and love.

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