ecosystem portfolio

terrestrial ecosystem

rainforest ecosystem










carrying capacity

my population needs-food to survive

my population need-water to survive

my population needs-oxygen to survive

my population needs-foundation

my population changes overtime because of the animal that lives there,  but when it gets cold outside they need to be able to to find a nice cold place to stay  until the weather gets warmer and some animals start to die. because of starvation some animals go south and there predators die because they are hungry.

limiting factors

sunlight is a limiting factor

soil  nutrients is a limiting factor

water is a  limiting factor

air is a limiting factor

producers orchids,buttress roots,ferns,mosses,shrubs

consumer snakes,cheetah,rabbits

decomposer mushroom,snails,velvet worm

herbivore howler monkey,capybara,tapir,macaws

carnivore green anaconda,harpy eagle,venus fly trap

omnivore toucan,poison dart-frog,blue and gray tanager

scavenger king vulture,toucan

king vulture top scavenger in the rain forest

food webs are a better representation because the food webs start with a producer

food chains and food webs

if you remove the grasshopper than the shrew population would decrease and the snakes population would decrease also.

trophic levels and energy pyramids

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