Soil Vs Water

By: Savannah

Question: Do plants grow better in water or soil.

Hypothesis: "If I plant one seed in water and one seed in soil, soil will grow better because seeds need soil and water to grow and not just water because the one with only water one won't get any food."

Variable: Manipulated: Putting one plant in water and soil and one in just water.

Controlled: Same plant, Lily Stargazers.
Responding: Measuring plant growth in time and height.

Materials: 1. 2 pots2. 1 cup of soil 3. 2 cup of water4. 2 containers5. 2 seeds

Procedure: Gather materialsGet the 1 cup of dirt and pour half of it into the potGet the pot with half of dirt and put one of the bulbs in the pot.Then put the other half of dirt and pour it on top Then get one foam cup and put the bulb in it then put soil in and water it.Place bulbs in the window.Measure height of lily stargazer every day in the afternoon.

Data: Growth of lily stargazer: Water: 4cm the first day 5cm the second day 6cm the third day. Soil and water: 4cm the first day 4cm the second day 5cm the third day.

Conclusion: My hypothesis was wrong. I said the one with soil would grow better. The data shows the plant with water grew better. It grew 1 cm more than just the water and soil.

Research: Three processes control the plants growth. They are photosynthesis,plant transpiration,and respiration. Respiration, Transpiration, and photosynthesis are balanced and established when the factors favor plant growth. (Factors mean a circumstance fact, or influence that contributes to a result or a outcome.) The understanding of how plants grow is important. The part that is actually growing is the plant cells. It grows by cell division, cell elongation, and cell differentiation. When cell division is going on it simply expands the number of cells. The cell differentiation means the plant is able to grow more cells that do different assignments. Plants have different growing speeds, different growing stages, and different growing movements. When plants grow toward the sun it is called phototropism. Plants grow roots that grow deep into the earth and millimeter by millimeter gravitational pull makes roots get closer to the center of the earth. Gravitational pull makes roots grow and is called positive gravitropism or geotropism.(Positive gravitropism means turning or growth movement by a plant fungus, or animal in response to gravity.) Also climbing plants grow around and toward supporting objects. Plants have four growth stages vegetative stage, reproductive stage, senescence stage, and dormancy stage. A plant seed must germinate first. Next it grows into a strong plant which is the vegetative stage. When the setting is right for the plant the plant starts flowering and it results in plant reproduction by seeds producing which is reproductive stage. When the plant grows older it will get weaker and less reproductive which is senescence. (Less reproductive means, less generative.) Similar to hibernation, plants will go into an inactive stage called dormancy. Plants do this when they are faced with harsh environmental factors and their survival is at stake.