Meatball Sundae:
Trends #8 - 14

by Aruna Singh

Seth Godin talks about eight more trends that have transformed marketing in recent years...

         Namely, one of the trends that stood out to me the most was #9: Direct communication and commerce between consumers and consumers. The idea behind the trend is that eBay began a significant consumer-to-consumer connection in the marketplace.Anyone who knows about the current internet marketplace, however, knows it doesn't stop there. Websites like Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, et cetera are allowing consumers to become the providers as well. Because of this simple trend, the livelihood of my husband and myself has changed forever.

          Raj, my husband, always had this particularly expensive hobby that he would spend a lot of time on. He likes to build hybrid vehicles from ground up whether it be run on ethanol, lithium batteries, regular D batteries, so on and so forth. He would spend months on one project and would take it apart and build new ones. I always thought this was such a waste of good engineering because he put so much innovation, money, and time into it. One day, he discovered eBay. The rest was history. Now he has made a solid side business out of building custom hybrids and also converting gas vehicles into hybrids. Since his undergrad experience was in the fine arts, he has even had some fun with scrap metal parts and created some interest art pieces that people have purchased.

         He has used Craigslist as a way to meet suppliers who can offer him good deals on vehicle chassis' and parts. The internet has also opened the door to enthusiast forums where people will similar interests and obsessions can meet. Through forums my husband has met hundreds of gear heads who keep him busy building new cars. The awesome thing is, he works out of our garage. We never had to purchase new infrastructure or inventory to keep the orders coming in. He discovered a niche market of his own where people are willing to wait on him to deliver.

        After hearing our story, has eBay or any other website changed your livelihood? Sound off below!