Kid Curry

By: Destiny Braswell

Kid Curry's real name was Harvey Alexander Logan

Harvey Alexander Logan's cowboy name was Kid Curry.

Kid Curry was born in 1867 in Tampa County, Iowa.

Kid Curry died June 17, 1904. Kid Curry died of a gunshot wound.

Kid Curry would often get drunk and lay up with prostitutes. Kid Curry had as many as eighty-five children and fathered less than five of them.

Kid Curry was referred to as "The Wildest of the Wild Bunch." Kid Curry killed nine law enforcement officers in five different shootings and another two men in other instances. Kid Curry was involved in several shootouts with posses and civilians during his outlaw days.

Kid Curry formed his own gang but he also rode with Butch Cassidy and The Wild Bunch.

Kid Curry also received employment on a cattle ranch, arranged by his cousin Bob Lee.

People believed that Kid Curry was romantically involved with Landusky's daughter, Elfie. Landusky then filed charges against Curry, who was later assaulted and beaten. Kid Curry and the Wild Bunch was one the more successful criminal operations in the West. Kid Curry's mother died in 1876. Kid Curry had 3 brothers Hank, Johnny, and Lonny.

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