Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon

Brendan G.
Ms. Gagnon 5th period

Background Information

Born in Nigeria

Didn't play basketball until senior year in high school

Played field hockey, handball,soccer, and ran track also in high school

1. What prompted Hakeem's family to move to the U.S.?

Shortly after Hakeem graduated high school he attended 2 different Universities in Nigeria during a short span. During his sixth month at the 2nd University Hakeem was scouted by a U.S. State Department Official who offered to take Hakeem on a tour of campuses in the U.S. . Hakeem's parents were ecstatic about the opportunity for their son, for this is the opportunity they always wanted Hakeem to have. (Hakeem Abdul Ajibola Olajuwon)

2. What influenced Hakeem to attend the University of Houston over the thousands of other colleges in the nation?

The first colleges Hakeem toured in the U.S. were in the Northwest. Hakeem found the northern climate much too cold for his taste. Luckily though, he found the climate of Texas much more up to his personal preferences. Hakeem's sponsor (the one leading him around the campuses) had been saying very positive things about Guy Lewis (the head coach of Houston at that time). Hakeem liked Guy Lewis very much, and Guy Lewis liked Hakeem too. Hakeem was offered a full scholarship to the University of Houston and Hakeem gladly accepted. (Hakeem Abdul Ajibola Olajuwon)

3. What were some obstacles Hakeem faced in his playing career?

In a game on January 3, 1991 Hakeem was elbowed in the face, breaking the bone around his right eye. This injury almost ended Hakeem's career, it also sidelined him for 25 games. During the 1991-92 season, Hakeem battled with the Houston management trying to negotiate his contract. He was also suspended for 5 games for "faking a hamstring injury" and refusing to play in a game (doctors later stated Hakeem was actually injuried). (Hakeem Olajuwon)

Career Awards

Named MVP of the NCAA tournament in 1984

Rookie of the year 1984-85 NBA season

NBA Defensive player of the year 1993 season

14 NBA All-Star

1994 NBA MVP

NBA Finals MVP 1994 and 1995

Olympic gold medalist 1996 (Hakeem Olajuwon)


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