10 differences FFA and Charly

By Mikaela Zandecki

1.) Charlie and Mrs. Kinnian were in love.

2.)After the operation, Charlie becomes hostile and doesn't want to race Algernon anymore. (in the movie)

3.) Charlie doesn't run from memories of himself as an unintelligent person (after the operation) in FFA.

4.) Mrs. Kinnian's husband is dead, and is engaged to Frank in the movie.

5.) The jukebox scene (where Joe and the others from the factory get Charlie drunk and talk sweet to a jukebox) wasn't in the book.

6.) Charlie works at a bakery in the movie.

7.) Algernon wasn't put into Charlie's room in FFA.

8.) Charlie doesn't practice writing on a chalkboard in the book.

9.) Mrs. Apple wasn't the same landlady in FFA.

10.) Charlie wasn't playing with kids at a playground in the book.

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