What does it mean to be a Women in the Military?

Women have been serving in the military since 1775. Now, they are still facing gender barriers. Women are not seen as equals to their fellow males, and are looked down upon. In a report from the Air Force academy in 2003, out of the 579 females that were of the graduating class 43 of them or 7.4 percent were victims of sexual assault. However, the males who committed this were not punished, and just asked to leave the academy with no legal consequences.

Women are often put behind the scenes for jobs such as a desk clerk or nurse at a medic station, and are not given opportunities to fight on the front lines next to males. People have stereotyped women to be weak, and not emotionally or physically strong enough to fight in combat. We think it is gender equality by allowing females to be in the military, but have not given them the equal rights in this occupation as men have.

Woman play a crucial role in the military and continue to break gender barriers. In 2013, the ban was lifted to allow women to fight in direct combat. This overturned the 1994 Pentagon rule that restricted women from artillery, armor, infantry, and other direct combat roles.  After this, President Barack Obama stated, "Valor knows no gender". The Army continues to open more positions, approximately 33,000 positions in units that were previously closed off to women.  Being a women in the military is a job that takes hard work and a strong will to prove yourself and stand up for yourself. With determination and patience we can make everyone, both male and female equal.

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