Computer Graphic and Animation

By: Jordan Salmon-Scarborough



Session 1

Today in session 1 we produced our own stop-motion animation.

Session 2

In session 2 we used a webcam and took a couple of pictures, we also used software to apply a morphing effect to the pictures.

Session 3

Today in session 3 we began creating an animated movie by using animation software, we also inserted primitive objects into an empty scene, and the last thing we did was we adjusted and aligned objects using several tools and views.

Session 4

Today in session 4 we continued working on a animated movie by using animated software. We also learned how to apply "shaders" to primitive objects. We had used the storyboard to apply movement to primitive objects. The last thing we did was test rendered an animation.

Session 5

Today in session 5 we continued working on our animated movie by using animation software.We learned how to use modifiers to further animate Jack. We created and added more objects to an animated movie. The last thing we was we test renders an animation.

Session 6

Today in session 6 we created a 3-D text logo, we added movement to the 3-D logo, we also rendered the animation 3-D logo, and the last thing we did was we began designing our final animation project.

Session 7

In session 7 we completed a storyboard design of our final animation project. We also finished constructing our final 3-D animation.

Computer Graphic and Animation Jobs

You could be a modeler, an animator, a character animator, a lighting specialist, a compositor, a texture artist, a CG programmer, a technical director or an art director. Each of these jobs is different.