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Civil War Journal- Beginning

My name is James Ulysses and i am 16 years old. I live in Indiana, part of the Union and the date is  August 20, 1862. My father and brother have gone off to fight in the war for the union, and are currently stationed at a fort in virginia. I live here at home with my mother and sister.  


Civil War Journal Day 1

Today I woke and did my regular morning routine. Have breakfast, do the dishes, and some other chores so I could get them out of the way for the day ahead. I was going to write to father and see how the war was going. The union had just won another battle, and I wanted to know how they were doing. My mother had requested that at noon I go visit the food market to get some food, as we were running low since father had gone away, and we no longer had his income. I got some groceries, then returned home and started on my letter. I think it went pretty well, and hopefully they can respond soon. I'm going to bed now though, I'll continue to write later.


Civil War Journal Day 2

We woke up today from gunshots from outside. I could hear my mother scream in fright of the shots. I think she's getting paranoid because of this war, and I feel bad. I hope it's over soon, but that probably won't happen for a while. Regardless, we all got up and it turned out to be the neighbors luckily just a false alarm. After we had all eaten breakfast, my mother insisted on doing something for the war, since she had been reminded of it. She told me and my sister to ask soldiers nearby if they needed help. So, we headed into town to find a regiment and see if they needed help. TO our surprise, we found one almost instantly, and they requested that we help clean their uniforms and their guns. We invited them to the house, and they left a few hours later, thanking us for our kindness. By that time, it was time for dinner, and we ate dinner, cleaned up and I decided to finish my letter. There had been a headline about the battle of fort sumter, and that reminded me to keep writing. I will send the letter tonight, and hope that they write back soon.

Civil War Day 3

I woke up today to the sound of knocking at the door. I was the only one who had heard though, so I grabbed my rifle and went downstairs to get the door. You can never be too careful in times like these. I answered and there were union soldiers, about 20, who had heard that this was the place to go for help. Being the person I am and saw how they looked, I decided to do as much as I could. I helped get the soldiers some food and water, then get the horses get some as well. They thanked me as they left, and I was already exhausted by noon, and mother had finally woken up. I slept until about 4 after she had heard of what I had done to help the soldiers. After I had awoken, I had to go feed the animals, after which I ate dinner and the rest, was as normal.


Civil War Journal 4-

Finally, my father had wrote back to me. I can't even say how happy I am that they're both alive. -Did not finish-

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