New Zealand

Hayley Rohrbaugh

In New Zealand, there is a population of  4,401,916 people. Females live on average live to the age of 83.08 years old there. Males then, only live until they are the age of 78.88 years old. In 2010, there was about 15 percent of the whole population of New Zealand is poverty. There is an average of 17.3 percent of male in New Zealand are unemployed. Then 18.1 percent of females are employed. There is about 3.4 million user of internet there. In New Zealand, the the GDP in 2012 was $171.3 billion. Issues that could be a problem in the future are disputes (international) and illicit drugs. A lot of new Zealand's culture comes of Britain and European. They also have many Maori and Polynesian tradition. In New Zealand they speck a lot of different languages. There main language is English, Maori, Samoan, Hindi, French, Northern Chinese, Yue and New Zealand sign language. The different religion in New Zealand are Christian, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Congregation, Methodist, Pentecostal, Hindu, Buddhist, Maori Christian, and Islam. They have a parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm government. Their constitution then come from the Constitution Act 1986.  


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