Into the future

What will 2015 hold for you? Our world?

For me, 2015 will hold lots of studying and getting fit because I feel like I should take school more seriously now because college is coming close and get into shape so I can be healthy. In addition I will have PE for the last two quarters of school. So my goals for 2015 would be to study more, get fit, and decide what I want to major in for my future job. For the world, 2015 will hold a better place for animals and people because  warnings are showing how we are affecting the world like pollution, global warming,  oil spills, and other things we do that are impacting the world in a bad way showing us we should start changing. The words have been spreading and are still today.

Back to the future 2 was released in 1989. What will our world be like 26 years from now? What do you predict for 2041

I predict 2041 will have less diseases because I think people will be able to find cures for diseases and also we are going to find new species too. Another prediction I have for 2041 is people will be wearing more glasses because the new generation of kids will be born in the tech world and  using your technologies in the dark can ruin your eye sight or too much technology. Lastly I predict there will be automatic cars that can drive it self because there are cars that can park themselves today.

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3 years ago

Relax on declaring a major, Celina :) I hope you're right about the environmental concerns and solutions!