Earn $81,500 per year

  • Have a moderate level of social contact.
  • Are sometimes exposed to loud sounds and noise levels that are uncomfortable. Ear protection is worn when needed.
  • Must be very exact in performing their job. Designs often include very tiny measurements.
  • May travel to other work sites. They may also travel to visit manufacturers.
  • Design aeronautical or aerospace products or systems.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of the teams that design and make aerospace products.
  • Plan and coordinate research of customers' problems with aircraft or aerospace vehicles.
  • Plan and conduct tests on models of aircraft and aerospace systems and equipment.
  • Test new aircraft building materials for quality and environmental impact.
  • Develop design plans for products or systems. This includes ways to reduce pollution, determine testing methods, and meet quality standards.
  • Create new designs and products to meet environmental standards and laws.
  • Evaluate product inspections and reports.
  • Review performance reports and test documents. Inspect products for damage, mechanical problems, and environmental impact.
  • Design filters to reduce aircraft engine pollution.
  • Test biofuels for use in aircraft.
  • Use computers to create, test, and change designs.
  • Write technical reports and memos for staff, customers, and management.
  • Analyze project plans and engineering data to decide if building a project is possible. They look at the cost, the environmental impact, and the time needed to build the project.
  • Direct programs that reduce pollution, improve production methods, and technology.
  • Evaluate and approve the companies that will make the products or systems.
  • Maintain records of performance reports for future reference.

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