A Day in the Life of a Vietnam Child.

A student named Bui Duy Binh is 11 years old. He lives with with his mom, dad, and younger brother in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

5:30 A.M

Bui wakes up and brushes his teeth. His mom usually makes him breakfast every morning.



Either his mom or dad take him to school on their motorcycle. It takes about 10 minutes because of traffic.


School ends because there aren't enough teachers. Half the class goes to school in the morning, the other half go to school in the afternoon.


When Bui gets home from school he waters the plants on their rooftop garden. When his mother gets home, the eat lunch together.


When he wakes up, he eats yogurt and starts studying. Sometimes, he'll go for a walk in his neighborhood.



He helps his mother prepare dinner.

A Day in The Life of Me.


I wake up for school and get ready.


I wait outside my house for my school bus to pick me up.


School Bus.

School officially starts and I make my way through the crowded hallways to get to first period.


School officially ends, I get my stuff packed and I get on the bus to go home.


My brother makes dinner and I help him.


I make sure I took a shower and then I go to sleep.

Bui and I have similar daily routines because we both have to get up and go to school. We both have to help fix dinner for our family. We have different daily routines because he has to ride a motorcycle to school, while I get the privilege to ride a school bus. He has it different because he only has to go to school for a half a day, while I have to go to school for the entire day. I have a daily routine that seems a lot easier than Bui's daily routine.

Sleep Time.

I have it easier.

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