The history of Hector P Garcia

       Hector p Garcia was a civil rights leader. The  reason I chose him was because he was a civil rights leader. I love the thought of all people being equal, and that it is wrong the way they were treated. Mr. Garcia did a lot of good things in his life, that's what i'm going to write about.

       What were civil rights Mr. Garcia did? Garcia fought for Mexican Americans To be equal Like martin Luther King Jr. did. Garcia encouraged Mexican Americans to educate them selves in democratic principles and apply these to work. This was called the American GI forum in Corpus Christie in 1964. Garcia came in to civil right in after WWII. He provided medical assistance to those who could not afford it or had been denied.

            People suffered in Texas because we didn't believe that all people were made equal at the time. He new a lot of people apart of the government but not all en counters were to friendly.  He was all ways a well none respected leader in the long run.

             What was the GI forum? Garcia was reconsidered by the nation  for his american work in service. He was offered the highest civilian award.

                            Hector P Garcia died in 1996 . He died a civil rights activist leader giving people what they need. Justice. He was and still is a well respected civil rights activist. His name will never be forgotten.

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