Movie Summary: In the movie "42", Branch Rickey is a Major League team GM with a bold idea. Branch Rickey recruits Jackie Robinson to become the first African-American baseball player in Major League Baseball history. Throughout the movie Jackie and his family are discriminated against, on and off the field. Jackie has a very tough time handling all of the problems that occur, but he continues to find a way to deal with all of the people that discriminate against him. Robinson allows his athleticism to speak for itself, and eventually secures the Rookie of the Year award.

Movie Comparison/Reflection: The video above was the official trailer for the movie "42". This movie showed a lot about race and discrimination and how it has changed in the years coming. We no longer have separate tables, separate bathrooms, or separate teams. Race and discrimination is still out there, but we have formed into one population for the most part, and do not segregate against other races. Everyone has equal opportunity now, and back in Jackie Robinson's time, the negro's did not have the opportunities they do now. Compared to the other film, "Remember the Titans", there was a lot more racism in the film "42". Things were different, as they had different eating quarters, separate ball teams, and they had different housing. Blacks could not eat, go to the bathroom, or shower in the same area as whites. It was all separate in the 40's, but some change evolved in the 70's. In the movie, the Phillies manager is mocking and being rude to Jackie while he is up to the plate. He was calling him stereotypical names, names that you would get a hate crime for today. Jackie Robinson had white men come to where he lived, and they said that he better move or it wasn't going to be pretty. The lady at the airport gave their tickets to a white couple, just because they were black.

Movie Summary: In the movie "Remember the Titans", one white school and one black school in Alexandria, Virginia forming T.C. Williams High School. The white head coach of the Titans is replaced by an African American coach from North Carolina. Tensions arise when players of different races are forced together on the same football team, but most of these tensions a resolved in a 2 week football camp before the season started. When the whites and blacks learn how to play with each other, they become a very successful football program, and the community learns to adapt to the new school. After the Titans' undefeated season, the team and the city were closer than ever.

Movie Comparison/Reflection: The video above was the official trailer to the movie "Remember the Titans." This movie showed race and discrimination throughout the whole movie. The movie takes place in the early 1970's, right after the Civil Rights in the 1960's. In this time period, tensions between whites and blacks have been at an all-time high. In this movie, the schools join and have to rebuild a football program. A great football programs' coach had to step down and let a negro coach take his place. Boone, the black head coach, takes on Yoast, the old head coach as an assistant coach and defensive coordinator. At home, Boone has 2 kids and a wife. They are treated poorly by most, as most people have not adjusted to the racial issues of Boone being the head coach. During the movie, Boone has a mob of irate townspeople prone to throwing bricks through his living room window. Also, the team has to adjust to each other. They learn to treat everyone fairly and with respect, and if they did not, they will be thrown off the squad. The captain of the football team threw his best friend off the team because he was intentionally not blocking for the black players. Being right at the end of the Civil Rights movement, many people still had very strong feelings against their white kids playing with black kids. Now, they could not discriminate against anyone because of the color of their skin, legally. In the movie, they had to eat together, shower together, and learn how to treat everyone fairly, and not discriminate because of skin color. This shows how times have changed from the 40's to the 70's, because in the 40's everything was labeled for blacks and whites.

Today's Research/Class and Unit Reflection: Over the course of this unit we have learned about race an discrimination. Over the course of time, blacks were not given the opportunities to live luxurious lifestyles because of the color of their skin. Some of the characteristics of race are skin color, color of hair and eye color. Just because you may look like a different race, does not mean that you are one. You can have dark skin and not be an African American.  When it comes to DNA, I believe any race can have the same traits as any other race. I think that we stereotype people because they look the way they do. I know whenever I see a black man, I think that they are African American, which they might one, but that’s not right of me to just assume that they are. We should not discriminate against others, and everyone should get a fair chance in life, and not be judged. We are all human beings, we all wake up in the morning. This world is filled with racism and stereotyping, and it should not have to be that way. Our society has changed dramatically since the 40's and 70's. Most races get equal chances in life, and do not get discriminated by the color of their skin. There is still some stereotypes though, like when people say "Blacks are better athletes." I think that race is an illusion, and race is wrongly perceived by many people in this world. We judge so quickly, when we have no reasons to judge. We are prejudice people, and we judge a person before we have actually even met them. In the "A Class Divided" experiment, the children in this experiment were easily converted from happy to sad/mad kids once they were being discriminated against. They stereotyped blue eyes and brown eyes and said that one was more dumb than the other. They switched it up on different days, but whatever group was taking the hits became sad, and they became unhappy. When one group was superior, they became extremely confident, and happy. This could lead to racism because some people believe that whites have certain genetics that are better than blacks and vise versa. For example, one I hear about a lot is the fact that African Americans seem to be better athletes than Americans. That is a great example stereotyping at its finest.

This was a great unit, and I am glad we got to watch these two phenomenal movies. It made the unit very interesting, and fun for all of the students.

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