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Did you know that in Grant School kids are getting squished because of trying to hang their stuff up? Well this is important because children can get hurt. Grant school needs lockers.

Grant school needs lockers because it gets tight by the hooks a lot but mostly in the winter its really tight.If it gets tight a lot by the hooks then it would be really hard to put your stuff away.If it is tight then it would not be easy to put backpacks away.Another piece of proof is if people are waiting to put their stuff away they might get mad and push.

Another reason Grant school needs lockers is because sometimes kids can’t get to their hooks.If kids can’t get to their hook then it would be really really hard to put their backpacks away and if people can’t put their stuff away then it would waste time.If people can’t get to their hook people would get upset that they have to wait.

Also, Grant school needs lockers because if Miss Schwarting needs to put something in someones backpack she might not know whose backpack is whose.If Miss Schwarting doesn't know whose backpack is whose then she might accidentally put something in the wrong backpack.Also, if we had lockers Miss Schwarting would put stuff in the right locker because it would have a lunch number or a class number on it.

We’ll probably need lots and lots of money and I think that the whole school should get the money by turning in lots of money like what we do for Read-a-Thon. Also, we’ll probably put them inside the classrooms because it will be easier to get stuff quicker.Probably the best people to put the lockers in are Mr. Terry and Mr. Gary.

I really think that Grant School needs lockers.If you see somebody getting hurt because they're trying to put their stuff away you should help! Also, if you agree with me help raise money for lockers.

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