paragraph 1

I think one of the character traits I posses is being adventurous. I think I am adventurous because I take risks and enjoy trying new things. For example, something adventurous I did last summer was jumping off the cliffs into water at the Elora Quarry. Also, I really like doing different activities like high ropes and windsurfing at camp in the summer. I like doing things where I can meet new people and learn new things. Therefore, being adventurous is one of the character traits I posses.

paragraph 2

one character trait that is strong in my personality is being annoyed by everything. Some people think I am mean but I'm not mean, they're just annoying. To be honest, some people don't even have to talk and I will already be annoyed. Some things that annoy me are when people chew or swallow loudly, when people drum on desks, and when people think they're whispering but they're actually almost screaming. Also, it annoys me how I can't tell certain people how annoying they are. Therefore, being annoyed by everything is a very strong trait in my personality.

paragraph 3

A character trait that I like about myself is that I am funny. I love making people laugh, especially if they are upset. I think when people tell someone they are funny it's one of the best compliments because it means you can make them laugh and put them in a better mood. Therefore, being funny is a characteristic I like about myself.

paragraph 4

The last characteristic I am writing about is being caring. I am caring because I think about other people's feelings and I don't like when people are upset. Also, my friends and family are very important to me and I would do anything for them. Finally, I am caring by being a loyal friend and helping my friends when they need it. Therefore, I am caring.  

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