Operation Guatemalan Flag

The Race For Power In Latin America

Guatemala was in anarchy. The government was being controlled by the military elite, guerrillas were fighting against the already unstable government, and meanwhile, America was off to the side, watching and waiting for their time to strike.

In the beginning, the Rich and Military Elite held all of the power. Then without warning (or their leader's consent) they signed a treaty giving half of their MSU's to the US. The leaders of both the American people and the Rich and Military were silenced, as our groups were not aware of what they were signing. (they could've found out if they just read the words on the page!!!!) The Peasants took control by talking both the US and Rich/Military in to signing a treaty giving all of their MSU's to them.

Corruption was shown in the leader of the USA, who got his group to sign a treaty proclaiming him as supreme leader, that is why he was silenced. The Guerrillas attacked the peasants who were trying to sign a treaty uniting all the groups together (and giving them control over everything.), and many, many treaties were created, destroyed, and signed.

The US's role in this simulation was more of a peacekeeper role than anything else, they kept the peasants peaceful, helped the Rich/Military Elite try to destroy the Guerrillas, and eventually, executed the leaders of all the groups and took control.

When power shifts in a country, the effects can be both good and bad. If the power shifts to someone who is capable of running a government properly, it is a good power shift. For instance, if a corrupt ruler is taken over by another, and a democratic government is formed, then it is a good power shift. Most of the time, however, the power shifts to the people who can't run a government properly. like if the government is taken over by the military, and it becomes a dictatorship, then obviously, it's not a good shift in power.

All of this relates to my life. All the treaties are like agreements with my friends, whereas disagreements and battles are fights with my family and friends. If my friends and I were trying to decide on what game to play, we would make an agreement to play all of the games all of us wanted to play. Or, whoever is the person who lives in the house that we're in would say we would play one, and that's what we would do.

by Brandon Power

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