John Dalton

McKenzie Middlebrook & Syrus Moore

"Dalton, John." Gale Science in Context. Detroit: Gale, 2005. Science in Context. Web. 13 Oct. 2014.

Years and Place of Discovery

1801-1802 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Dalton's Theory on Atoms

Dalton believed:

1) All matter consists of atoms

2) All atoms of an element are exactly alike, but atoms of a different element are different

3) All atoms are unchangeable

4) Atoms of elements combine to form molecules

5) In chemical reactions, atoms are not created or destroyed, only rearranged.

6) Dalton argued that every atom had a specific weight that could be determined

Atomic Model

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Facts about Dalton

1) Born on September 6, 1776 into a Quaker family, in a rural area in Eaglesfield, England

2) Both Dalton and his brother were colorblind

3) Never married

4) Attended school till age 11, then at age 12 he became a teacher

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