Bites and Stings

It means that humans can be injured by the bites and/or stings of animals, insects, fellow humans etc.

The Facts

a bee/wasp sting can be very deadly/fatal and needs to be treated immediately

more than 25,000,000 bee/wasp stings are reported each year

some animal and insects can be poisonous(snake bites;spider bites, and scorpion stings)

A snake bite can result like this.......

Prevent it.......

Apply insect repellent before going around or near places with insects

wear light colored clothing that cover your body

avoid wearing scented products(strong perfume, aftershave etc.)

Leave car windows up 98% of the time your in a car

How to deal with it!


1:get the stinger out immediately

2:wash are with sop and water

3:apply ice pack for 15 minutes


1:apply alcohol on the scratch/sore with a rag

2:put an ointment treatment on it

3:apply peroxide on the scratch/sore and pat gently around(it will probably start running down from where you applied it)

4:after you cannot see the peroxide's fizz apply a bandage to fit the sore