“Remember That One Time...”

                                                  By: Cael Duffin

  Hopefully you do, as you’re using your memory to do it. Remembering a special event or not, it can be pretty hard sometimes. Whenever you try something new, a new memory is formed in your hippocampus (organ in brain). The wonders of memory are unleashed!!

                                           The Short and the Long of it

  The hippocampus is a huge part in short term and long term memory. Without it, we cannot change short term memories into long term memories. Remembering short term memories is easy if you order them with your emotions. For example, if something makes you happy you’ll remember to do it again. Short term memory is when you remember something that happened in the last few minutes or hours. Long term memory is when you remember some- thing a few months back or longer. Episodic memories are memories of special events and experiences



  Well, that brings this article to a close. I hope that this article has made you a more knowledgeable person not only in your mind, but in your heart also. Anyone can make a difference, even you, and you, and even you. Memories fade fast, so you better hold on.

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