Various kill bed bugs in Singapore

We have always hated bed bugs in Singapore, because they often harass or when we sleep. Yet we have no way to get a good rest. And they are very small, running speed and fast, we do not get a way to catch it. In order to eliminate them, we found the biologists, who specialise in bugs, know their habits and interests, and eliminate bugs for us to provide some simple, safe, and a free way, teaches ourselves to eliminate bugs.

1. Steam extermination

In the store to buy steam extermination machine, use steam to bed bugs in Singapore. This is a very good method, cannot only eliminate the bug, also for their own family disinfection, kill bacteria and viruses. Note, however, read the instructions carefully before using the steam, avoid being steam burns.

2. The bug trap

According of bed bugs in the characteristics of Singapore, for the production of some pitfalls, bug burnt up the trap with bugs get a safe place. So that can quickly eliminate bugs and not revenge. Of course, this method can only deal with a few bugs in the home, if your bug is a serious violation of your home, it may not work well.

3. The use of nematodes

You can go to the pet store or pharmacy to buy some special parasitic nematodes in rotten eggs. The nest put worms in the bag. This bug can't eggs hatch into adult larvae, fundamentally eliminate pests. Note that nematodes could not be ultraviolet irradiation, nematode will be killed by uv.

4. Other insect repellent

You can plant in the home or sprayed with bed bugs in Singapore hate the smell of plants, such as tea tree and camellia. You can even have some bug predators, let them help you eliminate the bug, but it may make your house be invaded by other animals.

Although we introduced many kill bed bugs in Singapore -

, but the most effective way is to find a professional extermination company for their extermination. They have professional knowledge and tools, and experienced the nest, can very quickly find the bug and destroy them.

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