Road Saftey and Awareness

Everyone  knows the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving, texting, eating,  etc but why do people still do it? Young drivers feel  they can make it home alive just by sending one text back or only having one  drink but that's just confidence in yourself, you don't think something so  terrible could happen. There are various scenarios that could happen and people  need to realize that doing something for the smallest second in time could  possibly end or permanently ruin someone's life, is it really worth it to end  someone's life or possibly your own? It'll leave you thinking, was it really  worth it to reply to that text? Was it worth it to drive after a couple drinks  leaving me unfocused and dazed? Dangers of driving could be, texting, drinking,  music's to loud leaving you unfocused on the road, too tired, eating, looking  back to check something, speeding, being high on drugs, or even passengers  actions. Everyone needs to understand that no matter what happens they need to  focus on the road, even if you think you can handle it sometimes it's out of  your control, anything could happen at any time within the blink of an eye. In  2013 there was 32, 719 deaths in the United States because of motor vehicle  crashes and it's all because of peoples irresponsible actions they chose to  make, they chose to make the choice of texting or getting high before the drove,  they chose to try to eat while driving. So before you do anything that could  harm you or somebody else just think about the consequences, the injuries, any  possibility, and if you go against it you chose to put yourself in the position  of ending someone's life or your own. So think, think before you put yourself  and others at risk of your actions, because the damage is what you have to live  with.

Sources; my own knowledge and  Google.

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