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Prayer is most often used for: protect from missiles (gives total protection against enemy range attacks), protect from magic (gives total protection against enemy magic attacks) and protect from melee (gives total protection from enemy melee attacks). However you can't have more than 1 of the 3 in use, you can only buy old school runescape gold use 1 at any one time.


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Time: 2 hours


Skills:Level 57 Herblore, Level 49 Farming, Level 40 Thieving

Quests: 13 Quest Points

Reward:3500 Herblore Experience
2500 Thieving Experience
Skill lamp (2500 Experience to any skill)
Use of Fairy Rings

Tips, tricks & notes:

  • When using the Fairy Rings make sure you have your Dramen staff; when going to the Queen's Chamber make sure you also have Nuff's Certificate.
    •Do NOT thieve from Martin at the beginning or you will have a long wait.
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