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Two unsuccessful challenges in 1899-1900, Winnipeg victories regained what hadn't been theirs since 1896.


Hockey was not born in a single moment. The sport evolved from older team games like shinny and hurly. Hockey is best know to be a Canadian sport.


There were hockey debates about including hockey in the summer Olympics.The Olympics were held in Belgium at the time that hockey was included into the summer Olympics.


In the 1930's the NHL created a rule that would change the game of hockey! They made the offside rule, it is when the opposing team cannot attack in the attacking zone with out the puck crossing a blue line before all attackers.

The original six hockey teams that creatd the NHL


in the 1940's the 6 teams that create the NHL were named the original six.They were the 6 teams that were in the NHL for the longest time, then more states and provinces became making more teams and expanding the NHL from east to west coast.  


Jacques Plante was a Canadian professional ice hockey goalie. During a career lasting from 1947–1975, he was considered to be one of the most important innovators in hockey. He started the trend of wear a mask that would protect his face while playing hockey.


Soviet teams had totally dominated international hockey for the previous 10 years, but this was the first time they played the best Canadian professionals.


The first player in NHL history to score 100 was Wayne Gretzky and he reached this amazing goal in life prior to his birthday . His 100th career point came as an assist in just his 61st career game, it was a Oliers vs Boston loss 4-2.


This was when the Pittsburgh penguins picked up one of there best players in history, Mario Lemieux.

in the end of an amazing career, he notched an assist (his 1963 career assist) in his last game in his NHL career.

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