Role of Decomposers in a Food

Decomposers are organisms that feed on dead organisms or you can sag they break them down into smaller substances in nutrients and mineral which are later absorbed by the plants to grow and this process of transfering energy, Food Chain, countinues  like a chain as named.

Decomposers include worms , maggots , ant , fungi      and bacteria. Fungi and bacteria are important groups of decomposers. They obtain energy from the decomposed matter and they absorb a small amount of nutrients.

Decomposed Killer Whale

Decomposers doesn't only feed on producers or consumers but they also breakdown the perdator when they die. Like in the picture shown above, the killer whale is docomposed and futher it has no other predator. When it is fully decomposed it's nutrients are recycled by the plants.

Animals such as flies, earthworms, ants and millipedes are not exactly decomposers, they just speed up the work of decomposing and without these animals the breaking down of the dead organism will be very slow and will take it a long time to deompose completely.

As far we have learnt that decomposer have a big part in the food chain as it breaks down the waste matter of an organism.

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Neeraj Keswani

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