Maintaining and finding an outcome.

9 Ages Of Technology

Prototype vs Mock-up

Prototype: a first model of something, from which something is copied.
Mock-up: A model or a replica of a machine or structure used for                instructional propose.

Core Technology

Mechanical Technology: putting parts together to create motion

Electrical: getting work from electrical energy (Ex. Power Plants)

Optical: creating light energy

Thermal: heat energy

Biotechnology: using organisms for a desired outcome

Electronic: using electricity

Structural: the support of technology


a self-contained system with a larger system

EX: a simple system

Research & Development

work directed toward the innovation, introduction, and improvements of the products and processes

EX: New Basketball Shoes

Batch Process of Manufacturing

products produced in groups, not in a continuous stream

EX: car manufacturing

Input, Process, Output, and Feedback

Closed Systems

Comment Stream