Emperor Qin

By Gaby P

Emperor Qin was very harsh and was based his rulings on Legalism. If anybody did something wrong or went against him, they were punished or killed. He made one type of money and ordered the buildings of roads and a big ship canal. He also was fighting against the nomads, outside threats. Previous rulers had built walls to keep out the nomads. Qin forced farmers to leave their families and fields to go help connect and build up the walls. It was finished being built 1,500 years later. Even though he had a lot of achievements, somehow he just wasn't happy. He was afraid to die and wanted to become immortal. He asked magicians what to do and they told him to drink a magic potion. He traveled great distances, about 600 miles away from the capital, and died in 210 B.C.E. He had only ruled for 210 years. No one really knows why he died, but he could have died trying to use a magic potion and being poisoned. His death broke chaos in China. Farmers were mad for forcing them to build the Great Wall and roads. Aristocrats hated him because he reduced their power. Also scholars hated him for burning all of their books. Some rebellions went out into the countryside, and the leaders of states fought each other for power, and then there was a civil war. In 210 B.C., Qin's dynasty had been overthrown by the people 4 years after his death. Then there was a new dynasty.

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